April, 2015

Hi bicycle rider fellas,

The climate is warming and bike individuals are out riding again. As May arrives the Countrywide Bicycle Month, I considered to propose a couple of idea concepts that our bike supply would be content to help organize for you:

Comfort Bicycle Growth - Are bikes meant to be unpleasant? Really they are not -- if a bicycle is properly suit to the rider. The bike market has made great strides in making bikes even far more relaxing. Let us show you the tricks of comfy riding (completely automated gears, suspended seats, comfortable saddles).

Bike Safety month - Warmer weather conditions implies more cyclists will be out riding. We can display viewers how to trip securely and travel properly with bicyclists on the streets specially this bike months period. Tips for the interested in Bike to Work everyday or commuting every once in a while in warmer weather conditions.

Cool Bicycle Accessories That Make a Difference in€“ Recreational Rides - Bike riders are discovering great accessories that can make massive enhancements while riding. Products like gloves, helmets, lights, and odometer-gps-health monitors all incorporate a new dimension of ease and comfort, fun and performance.

We will be satisfied to outfit you for a check trip, show you the most current gear and offer you great info from our buyers who are living testimonies for these stories.

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March, 2015

Orbita Bicycles Go on Sale for the Third Anniversary in the United States; Is There Hope for Road Cyclists and for People in Need of Better Driving Behaviors?

New assessment demonstrates seventy five per cent of U.S. Grownups surveyed determined undesirable driving behaviors as one particular of their prime pet peeves, but only nineteen per cent admit to partaking in it.

Manhattan, New York. - March 21, 2015 - As Orbita bicycles go on sale in United States of America for the 3rd consecutive calendar year across the United States, Aplash Corporation has commissioned and released the outcomes of a modern day.

Harris Interactive® research demonstrating the astonishing techniques bicycle riders have turn into a part of the will of Americans' existence - a placement illustrated by the simple fact that ninety four percent of all bicycle owners that have been surveyed age 18-35 have utilized their bicycle on a community shared road.

To commemorate its third anniversery since the U.S. Launch of Aplash Inc. "Orbita bicycles in the U.S.A." is demanding for buyers to get a risk-free and wholesome turnaround on their bicycle techniques.

With the fact that customers really like their bikes, there is developing annoyance and fear with the distracted behaviors people exhibit although they are driving. Most U.S. grownups reveal they have witnessed illustrations of poor driving behaviors, however fairly few have admitted to engaging in this kind of habits on their possess.

From the surveyed bicycle owners adults a crucial driver behavior was referred, demonstrated by most drivers today, from the surveyed adults that have said they are not adhering to these kinds of driving behaviors:

Seventy-five per cent recognized negative driving conduct as a one of the best ten pet peeves, but only nineteen per cent of these bicycle owners accept they are responsible of displaying these kinds of behavior.

Sixty-nine per cent of bicycle owners among the ages of 18 and 24 have riden a bike in the last twelve months.

Seventy-nine per cent of adults amongst the ages of 18 and 24 have lost control or crashed into one particular thing while riding their bicycles or driving their automobiles.

Ninety per cent of bicycle customers between the ages of 18 and 34 have used their bicycle on public shared streets for the last two years.

The new Orbita bicycles incentive is a different type of bicycle owners aproach that is created by experts to get more cyclists in and back again to an active and joyful lifestyle. With Orbita bicycles, Aplash created a new cyclist experience that will deliver the variables men and women most truly like and a treatment method about the proper bicycle rider handling to the extreme conditions they might face by every other day. In endeavor so, Orbita bicycles provides jointly fundamental costumer each day positions - obligations connected with everyday exercise and social interaction by photograph sharing, movie technology and maximizing media, e-mail and sms sending and bicycle related routines that incorporate their customers social activities - so people can do significantly more, possessing enjoyable, dwelling much healthier lifestyle in a secure environment while riding and or driving through a glad practices routine.

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July, 2014

Farmingdale, New Jersey - Piquenique Anual da Banda Nossa Senhora De Fatima
By Jack Martins - Luso Americano Newspaper

Luso Americano Capa

Jornal Luso Americano


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June, 2014

Central Park, Portuguese Day - Orbita Bicycles First Prize Winners [Male & Female 5 Mile Run by NYRR]

Long Island NY Portuguese Day Celebration with NY PORTUGAS
By Henrique Mano - Luso Americano Newspaper

LusoAmericano CapaJornal Luso Americano

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May, 2014

Minho Style Life Picnic Celebration with Aplash Inc. (Orbita Bicycles) U.S. Special Representation

By Henrique Mano - Luso Americano Newspaper

* Aplash Inc. The Only U.S. Corp. That Provides you a full Orbita Bikes Assistance > Costumer Service

Jornal Luso Americano

April, 2014

Time for Kids - Portugal Supplement
By Elizabeth Winchester Time Magazine

Time for Kids - Portugal Supplement

TFK - Portuguese and the European Crisis Article

Time for Kids - Portugal Supplement

July, 2013

LusoAmericano Newspaper Front Page
By Henrique Mano - Luso Americano Newspaper

LusoAmericano Capa

LusoAmericano Newspaper Article

Jornal Luso Americano

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