What are bitcoins

Bitcoin is a new form of currency.

Bitcoin is a new term compared to most other forms of currency.

Bitcoin is now a real and a fairly popular currency, so you should probably know a little bit more about it, try this great article found at moneyminiblog

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Bitcoin it is a cryptocurrency

How to purchase Orbita Bicycles with Bitcoins ?

If you are willing to purchase your Orbita bicycles with bitcoins we have you covered! Send us one email to info@orbita-bicycles.com or contact us directly on our facebook fan page at Orbita Bicycles in the USA. Tell us what bike(s) or item(s) you are ready to purchase and we will send you one bitcoin email payment, after we receive the payment we will also send you one invoice with all the necessary information regarding your purchase and item delivery.

Bitcoin wallet


If you like, please read all information about bitcoin payment from Wikipedia

Bitcoin BTM (ATM alike) locations in the USA ?

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 Bitcoin US survey

On you Orbita Bicycle(s) purchase(s) Aplash Inc. Accepts Bitcoin!