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Bike Sharing Systems will become more popular as more bicycles are available in the great city centers and as Local Entities and Community Groups divulge their existence as ways of encouraging Sustainable Mobility included in the intermodal transportation.

These entities hope to implement healthy transportation alternatives for urban residents, reduce the carbon footprint in metropolitan areas, foment the reduction of heavy traffic, as well as reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

The most prevalent restriction to the implementation of Bike Sharing Systems is theft, due to several facilitating factors, such as the ease with which they are transported because of their weight. In addition, legislation is not sufficiently stern when dealing with their theft or misuse in their handling. Finally, the relative absence of Parks for the Bike Sharing System is another restricting factor.

Throughout the last few years, various Systems have been developed which have successfully addressed and offered solutions to these problems.

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The first Bike Sharing system was developed in the 60’s by Luud Schimmelpenninck, in Amsterdam, Holland. This programme, entitled the “White Bicycle Plan,” made free bicycles available. They were to be used for one-way travel and left at the destination so they could later be used by others.

Since then, many other Bike Sharing projects have been implemented in several cities worldwide; some with more success than others, culminating in the implementation of a system in Toronto which intended to eradicate the failure of past projects, including theft.

These posts were located in shops, cafes and community centres where the employees in these establishments voluntarily collaborated in the project’s management due to the scarcity of management means.

With the evolution of these systems came Copenhagen’s project, Bycyklen, with bicycles personalised with parts that could not be used in other models. An initial fee was paid which would later be refunded. The system was funded by sponsors who, in return, advertised their brands on the bicycles.

The launch in Lyon of Velo’v started the introduction of a series of innovations in the market, such as electronic locks, smart cards, communication systems and onboard computers, which were later adopted by the Velib project.

Source: adapted from, Source: REPORT, European Best Practices in Bike Sharing Systems, Panos Antoniades, Andreas Chrysanthou, June 2009;

JUST B                                                   

Just B Bike Sharing

JustB is a Bike Sharing system, created by the companies belonging to the Group: ÓRBITA MIRALAGO.

This project promotes Soft Mobility Measures in Medium and Large sized Cities, making community bicycle sharing available to Residents, Professionals, Corporate Clients and Tourists. This includes a group of advantages, such as the easy installation of the parks, easy use, structural flexibility, reduced energy consumption, innovative levelling system, bicycles with an anti-flat tyre system and easily integrated in urban areas.

This System encourages environmental preservation, a reduction in road traffic, foments a greater energetic efficiency in transportation and preservation of non-renewable resources, encourages a healthy lifestyle and is more economical.

This system is intended for travel use by Corporate Entities, Residents for short rides in the City and for Tourists in areas with intense seasonal movement.

Using Just B is as easy as consulting and registering on the Platform and acquiring an Access Card for the Bicycle System. The card may be free, paid or a mixed system.

Our management system is online and is therefore presented in real time with automatic Maintenance Notices...

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Available on the streets of Europe since 2007 under the name of Velib' in Paris public bike sharing is Orbita custom made bikes, Velib' was one of the pioneers from the public bikes sharing programs all over the world. At the time known as Orbita bicycles and their undeniable anti-theft system that makes them almost indestructible. As fact today 2015, more than 38000 bicycles were delivered to the famous french bike sharing programs… Orbita bicycles were just not one of the pioneers of the public Bike sharing programs but in reality it was the very first pioneer of the P'tit Vélib', the very new for children public bike sharing service in Paris that started June 2014, so as everybody can see Orbita is a reliable and wanted product since 1971.

P'tit velib'

…We have and will have available packages for everyone being it Hotels, Campus, Parks or any other sort of public communities and businesses!

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